We put a friendly face on technology,
and a smile on our customers. :)

About Twin State

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Updated on: 4-03-2014

Although our business has grown exponentially since 1992, our mission hasn’t changed: we keep our customers’ businesses running smoothly, efficiently, and strategically with technology.

We take complete care of our clients’ computer networks, databases and software, and websites.


About Our Clients

Our clients are unique. They tend to be companies who need access to high-level, technological know-how but want to avoid the overhead of a full-scale IT department.

What we do is simple. We boil the problems down to their root causes and provide our clients with complete solutions that respect their time, their budget and their business objectives. We also provide management teams with the information needed to move a company's IT to a higher level.

Pete Loken, Barron Equipment Co. & Overhead Doors

“I've been working with Twin State for 10 years and they are excellent to work with. Whether it's software questions or writing a program, they answer my questions in terms I can understand, then get the job done.”