Our team becomes a part of your team.

Looking for someone local to maintain your servers or write a program?

Meet the team who will be working with you and learn a little more about them.

Aaron Randolph Network Engineer
Alex Kopp Programming Intern
Angie Bardsley Executive Assistant
Austin Holder Networking Intern
Beth Tinsman Founder
Beth Yaeger Web Developer
Bill Stinocher Software Engineer
Bob Voss Software Manager
Brett Hippler Network Administration
Brien Rakoci Network Engineer
Cassandra Steiger Infrastructure Account Assistant
Chris Timmons Network Engineer
Chris Tracy Network Engineer
Chris Weiser Art Director
Cindy Whiteman Web & Digital Marketing Assistant Manager
Dan Juehring Operations Support Technician
David Sulgrove Software Engineer
Dawson Tubbs Network Engineer
Denice Evans Accounting Administrator
Dillon Van Blaricom Operations Support Technician
Eddy Boggs Network Manager
Eric Bergman Software Engineer
Geoff Lampe Creative Director
Gregory Glines Operations Support Team Manager
Isabella Carmona Programming Intern
Jacob Pender Network Engineer
Jake Thompson Network Engineer
Jessica Holmes Project Manager
Justin Nichols Designer/Animator
Katie McManus Network Engineer
Kevin Murphy Education Sector Specialist
Kurt Willey Financial Sector Specialist
Logan Grimm Network Engineer
Lynne Anderson-Kearns Office Manager
Mariana Baranda Networking Intern
Mark Faust Network Engineer
Matthew Johnson Network Engineer
Melissa Trenkamp Network Engineer
Melyna Mosher Marketing & Business Development Assistant
Micah Mosher Client & Business Development Manager
Michael Harry Software Engineer
Michael Hess Software Engineer
Moses Major Software Engineer
Nancy Foster Special Projects
Neal Rabogliatti SEO Strategist
Reed Sager Network Engineer
Robert Burroughs Networking Intern
Ron Anderson Software Engineer
Ruth Zumdahl Network Administrator
Scott Bergstrand Operations Support Technician
Scott Tinsman Administrator
Shanda Robb Web Designer/Developer
Sheela Nikam Software Engineer
Tristan Sekharan Network Engineer
Tyler Newman Networking Intern