2016 Online Presence Resolutions

It’s the New Year, making resolutions to get healthy, organize and learn to fly fish may be on your list. If you’re a business owner, giving your online presence a check up should be towards the top! Here are 5 simple resolutions you can make this year to connect to your customers online!

1. Help customers quickly find information about your business online

Quick fix: Claim or review your local listings on Bing & Google

Lasting Change: When you claim your listings, your current or soon-to-be customers will not only find your address, but your phone, hours and photos as well.  Without visiting your website, they can get the information they need to contact you immediately.  This will enhance your online presence and may help move your website up in result position.

2. Be knowledgeable about how your customers search to find you

Quick Fix: Check your analytics quarterly

Lasting Change: Checking your analytics every quarter can help you hone in on what copy needs to be updated on your website. It can also give you clues as to what your customers look for on your website. Discover where they enter/exit the site and where your users spend the most time.  This may help give you direction for the New Year, especially if you’re looking to add new products or services.

3. Ensure that your website is up-to-date

Quick Fix: Review/Update your website copy every 3 months.

Lasting Change: Making sure your customers have the most up-to-date information is a great way to boost your online presence.  Review your hours, address, email address and phone numbers to make sure they are accurate and current.  It is also recommended that you update your product and/or service information to list any new items you are offering. Use your analytics to concentrate on the most popular pages first and then edit where needed

4. Connect with your customers by focusing on Social Media

Quick Fix: Are you active on social media or are you just getting started?  Make sure the links or feeds on your website are correct & working.

Lasting Change: Facebook and Twitter update their API often, which means the feed on your website may need updating.  Once up-to-date, make sure to update your social media monthly at the very least!

5. Search for yourself, your business name, services and products

Quick Fix: Check out what your competition is doing and what customers are saying about you online.  Knowing the sites your customers see when they search for you is an important way to check out where you rank & what improvements you can make.  (Make sure to do this in a incognito mode or a browser where all your cache & cookies are cleared. Most search engines over time serve up results based on where you have been and cookies you have on your machine)

Lasting Change: Do this every 6 months! Take 10-15 minutes every 6 months and see what new competitors you have and what changes they have made. Getting a competitive edge starts with knowing what everyone else is doing!

Not sure where to start? We can help! We are Google Partner, meaning we have trained people on staff and place over $250,000 of AdWords yearly for our clients. We can help you get started right away!  Give us a call to schedule your complimentary 30 minute online presence strategy meeting so that we can help you connect with your customers online in 2016.

Happy New Year from Twin State Technical Services!
May your 2016 be the best year ever!!!

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