2023 Business Technology Trends

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Today, every business is a technology business. Whether you are in retail, manufacturing, or healthcare, your company relies on a wealth of data, applications, and devices to spur growth and keep operations running.

However, many businesses do not have internal IT talent. Instead, they rely on outsourced IT providers to deliver digital transformation and efficiency. Research shows IT outsourcing in the United States is projected to grow by 7.56%, resulting in a market volume of $208.5 billion in 2027.

Technology moves incredibly fast. The latest and greatest solutions of today will be old news tomorrow.

We know how important it is to keep up with the pace of change. So, as we move into 2023, here are the newest business technology trends you need to know about, which we can implement in your business.

Increase in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Usage in SMBs

AI is a branch of computer science concerned with using automation and data analytics to enhance efficiency and accuracy. Even though it sounds futuristic, AI is used all over the world. Ever chatted with an Alexa, or used a self-check-out machine? That is AI in action.

AI has endless potential in the business world. 72% of decision-makers say AI is a huge competitive advantage. But this technology is sophisticated and challenging to understand. You need technical expertise to roll out and manage an AI program.

You will also need a robust budget, as these tools can be expensive to procure, especially if you are building something from scratch. However, the expense is well worth it overall. Studies show AI can lead to 50% more sales and up to 60% cost reductions for companies.

Next year, we will see more small businesses start to unleash the potential of AI, using it for everything from marketing to logistics. We can help you harness the power of AI in numerous ways.

Remote Work Becomes a Mainstay

Thinking about getting employees back into the office full-time? You may want to think twice. Gartner research shows nearly 50% of employees will work remotely at some point in 2023. Moreover, employees are actively seeking jobs that offer remote and hybrid work. It has become a competitive differentiator!

To facilitate a hybrid workplace, you will need specialist tools and a rethink of your IT security practices because it is not enough to secure the traditional perimeter when employees work from home.

Next year, we will see more businesses turn to us to outsource IT solutions to help with remote work transformation, seeking advice on the best tools for digital collaboration and data security.

Cloud, Cloud, and More Cloud

The cloud has become a mainstay in the business world. Not sure what the cloud is? Just think of the applications like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Azure, Amazon Web Services that your business uses. These are all cloud apps.

As cloud apps continue to dominate in 2023, businesses will need to think about a few things: security, cost efficiency, and productivity.

Twin State Tech’s engineers can help ensure you are making the most out of your cloud, configuring it to protect data, ensuring you are not running up unnecessary costs and are using the best applications out there for your needs.

Accuracy Increases with Machine Learning and Automation

Another growing business trend we are seeing is the use of automation and machine learning to enhance network monitoring and overall cybersecurity. Tools like data loss prevention, user behavior analytics, and threat monitoring can all be automated, making these processes more efficient, accurate, and cheaper in the long run.

Omnichannel Marketing Enhances Customer Support

You likely interact with omnichannel customer support, also referred to as omnichannel marketing, regularly in your daily life. If you have contacted a brand or company with a question or concern, you probably have multiple ways to communicate, including email, phone, knowledge base, and live chat.

Omnichannel marketing creates a seamless customer experience across all channels. This marketing strategy integrates customer interactions, such as social media messages, texts, phone calls, and emails into a central workflow for rapid and documented customer service response. Omnichannel marketing facilitates all departments working together to promote your products or services, creating loyal customers in the process.

Learn more about the benefits of using omnichannel marketing and how it can help your organization, marketing effort, and customer engagement.

Grow Through Technology in 2023!

It is truly an exciting time to be in the business world. Innovation is the name of the game today, and the technologies that are emerging have the potential to supercharge your operations and help you leapfrog competitors.

Looking to 2023, Twin State Technical Services is here to help revolutionize and grow through technology. Would you like to learn more about how we can help you? Contact us today.

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