5 Powerful Features of one of our favorite FREE apps – Microsoft OneNote

You probably already have Microsoft OneNote, but are you getting the most from it?

Here are 5 features to get you started quickly or take you to the next level.

1. You can trust the search function – Dump everything to OneNote and use one search to scan through paper scans, photos, hand writing, audio

I know if I save something in OneNote, I can find it anywhere and anytime with the search. I use the search from my computer or my phone to instantly filter all OneNote files, regardless of where or when it is saved. In fact, OneNote can search images (e.g., screen captures, embedded document scans, photographs, hand writing) for embedded text-content. This is really amazing, for example, if you take a picture of a business card, OneNote will scan it as text when performing a search. It also phonetically searches audio recordings!

Screenshot of OneNote Search


2. Microsoft Office integration blows away Evernote. OneNote is hidden everywhere in Office! Here are a few examples.

  • Right click on an email in your outlook inbox and send a complete copy to a OneNote location. It is not just for archiving, having important emails in my OneNote makes OneNote’s search function even better.
  • Choose OneNote as a printer – I use this when I have a PDF I want to save in OneNote as searchable text. This is super helpful when attending a training. All my notes and training materials are searchable in one place.
  • Microsoft Lens – you may not know about this hidden gem, but install on your smart phone and you can quickly take a “flattened” picture of a white board, business card or receipt. Of course you can save to OneNote as a default.

OneNote photo


3. Mobile App – Provides 24/7 access to everything you have in OneNote

  • Free mobile app for iPhone, Android, and yes, even Windows Smart phones.
  • Take the mobile app a step further by using the “widget” on your Android device and quickly take notes and search. If you are an avid OneNote user, this is a must!


4. Onetastic – A FREE plug-in that takes a novice to pro OneNote user

  • First, learn through a quick video and download Onetastic here.
  • Then, check out the list of over 500 enhancements here.
  • Don’t be intimidated by the install process or term “macro”. It is easy to get working.
  • One of my favorite enhancements is OneCalendar. For example, Have you ever had something you know you wrote down in OneNote, but cant find in the OneNote search? I have, typically it’s because I can’t remember the exact text to search for… but I have an idea of when I wrote it down! I use OneCalendar to look back over time to quickly find pages updated recently.


5. OneNote is FREE!

  • Download OneNote here. If you have a Microsoft Office product 2010 or newer, look for it in your installed programs or Office365.

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