5 Tips to Keep your Laptop From Melting in the Sun

Laptops are especially vulnerable to overheating because their compact design does not allow for as much air flow compared to the typical desktop computer. We have a few helpful tips here to keep your laptop and valuable files secure and cool through the summer.


1. Stay within 50 – 95 degrees Fahrenheit
Most laptops are designed to work in these outdoor temperatures. If the temperature outside exceeds 95 degrees, the heat can cause hard drive components to expand which can cause failure and permanent hardware damage. Batteries are exceptionally vulnerable. A few short periods of exposure to excessive outdoor heat can cause a reduction in battery life.

2. Do NOT leave in your laptop in a car
Even on a warm day, the temperature inside your car can reach over 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Carry your laptop with you on warm – hot days. It’s better for it to be in a bag with you, than cooking in the car. If you have no choice but to leave your laptop in a car, shut it down completely.

3. Sit in the shade
Besides heat related damage, direct sunlight (UV radiation) can damage screens, in particular older LCD screens. Short periods of exposure are fine, but long exposure should be avoided. Plus, sunlight causes glare on screens, which can be more straining on your eyes. If you plan to work out in the fresh air, sit down in the shade.

4. Avoid 80%+ humidity
There is even water damage to consider. As humidity rises, condensation can build up in your laptop. As we all know, technical devices don’t play well with water. Even a little bit of water can short out circuits. Many laptops have built-in water damage sensors, so even if you laptop is not permanently damaged, moisture could trigger the sensor and void your warranty.

5. Shut down when moving between hot and cool temperatures
Have you ever jumped into a cold pool on a warm day, or left a hot tub in winter? The drastic change in temperature shocks your body. The same happens for laptops. When moving from a cool air-conditioned office to the sweltering outdoors, or vice -versa, try to have your computer completely turned off to help with the transition. Give your laptop a few minutes to adjust before turning on.

Those are our top 5 tips for you and your laptop. Stay cool!

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