6 tips to quickly find your cell phone

We have all had this happen, you are ready to walk out the door, and suddenly you realize can’t find your smartphone! Of course, there is the obvious “retrace your steps” and have a friend “call you”… but what if that doesn’t work? Take a breath, we are going to help you out!

You can quickly see the GPS location of your phone using your google or iCloud account.

  • Use an android? – just google from any computer or device “google find my phone”, and log in. (Hint: if using a friend’s phone, use “private browsing mode”.
  • Use an iPhone? – login to iCloud.com and open “find iPhone”. If you have not already, go here to learn how to enable this feature BEFORE you lose your phone.

…So, now you know that it is in the house somewhere, at the gas station, or driving down the street in a cab!


OK, you KNOW that it is somewhere in the house or office, now what?

Do you have a Smartwatch? If you are within a few feet of your phone, most can activate your phone’s ringer, even if it is on silent.

  • Ask your kids or significant other using your PC, but how do you do this when you are alone? Reach out using Facebook Messenger, Skype or if you need to call, you can setup quickly google voice to make a free call from your computer.


Do you know where your phone is while you are reading this? Great! Let’s get prepared for the inevitable, read more (link to blog)

  • Manage all your devices locations using 3rd party apps. Prey is my favorite for my PC, phone and iPad. Free for 3 devices. One cool feature is to GPS follow, blare an alert and take pictures using the selfie-cam to see who has your phone
  • Talk to your IT department. Often the fear of a “remote-wipe” keeps us in fear of admitting we haven’t seen our phone all weekend. You might be surprised that IT may have choices to freeze or wipe only work info. Don’t fear IT wiping all your data and pictures until you talk to them first.
  • How else can you use tracking features? I lost my wallet the other day running errands. It was such a busy day, I needed help remembering all the places I went. I used the “google timeline” to retrace my day. Sure, it is sort of scary to think Google knows all my travels, but I used the power for good, and found my wallet… Now, where are my keys??
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