5 Compelling Ways Visual Content & Web Designers Can Transform Your Business

5 Compelling Ways Visual Content & Web Designers Can Transform Your Business

Today’s dld is more visual than ever. No one wants to read through reams of text to find out what products or services you’re offering, videos and images are relied upon to do a larger amount of the selling for most companies.

Computers, smartphones, and social media have changed the way we consume information and make buying decisions. There are multi-million dollar companies launching from Instagram, using stunning photos and videos to tell their stories and make sales.

91% of consumers now prefer interactive and visual content over text-based or static media. (Forbes)

If you’re not staying current with the sales tools of the 21st century, it means you could be losing business to companies that are. Photo, videos, search engine optimization, and ecommerce websites have replaced the print ads and telemarketing calls of last century.

Twin State Technical Services doesn’t only help in the IT department, we’re a full-service web & graphic design and video studio. We help our clients sell their products and services more effectively by enabling them to take full advantage of today’s visual and digital marketplace.

Before you download that stale stock photo, consider whether it is really telling your story. Read on to learn how a visual content professional and web design pro can create custom content to engage and sell to your customers.

What Do Content and Web Professionals Do?

Some businesses put up a one-page website with their name and phone number and think that’s all they need, and people will flock to it. But gaining business online isn’t quite that easy. You need to have a game plan, a website that presents you in your best light, and a mechanism to bring people there.

Web design pros help make that happen in a number of ways, including:

  • Designing custom images to make you stand out
  • Ensuring your website is fully responsive (looks good on smartphones)
  • Making sure your site is secure and compliant with legal guidelines
  • Incorporating use of video and images that engage but don’t slow the site down
  • Using search engine optimization (SEO) to help you show up on Google searches
  • Creating strong calls to action on your site to drive sales

Visual content and graphics professionals work in concert with web designers. They create the assets (images, logos, videos) that brand your company and help you stand out.

Think of any companies you follow on social media, like your favorite pizza chain. Those photos you see in their posts of a mouth-watering slice of pepperoni with just the perfect background and lighting were created thoughtfully by a pro that probably knew pepperoni was their biggest seller.

Rather than just using stock photos and static website templates that look the same as everyone else, web and graphic designers provide you with a custom image online that your customers will recognize instantly and remember.

5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit by Working with Graphic, Video, & Web Designers

When businesses in the Quad Cities area come to Twin State Technical Services for help with a custom website, they’re thrilled to see that we’re a one-stop shop offering studio services. We provide video content creation, graphics, SEO marketing, and even compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Having all their digital and graphics services provided by one entity saves them time, money, and ensures a fluid message across all their marketing platforms.

Here are five key ways your business can benefit from using a visual design & web pro.

Graphic & Web Design

Most consumers now check out a company’s website first before they buy products or services from them. So, having a professionally designed website with compelling graphics can often make a big difference in your monthly sales.

A website is your full-time sales person that works day and night for you, and a professional designer can ensure they’re speaking to your customers in just the right way.

Video Creation

Did you know that 85% of US internet users watch video online? It’s become one of the top marketing tools of many organizations. Want to easily explain what you sell to potential customers? A video can do it in a few minutes and be available 24/7.

Twin State Technical Services is proud to be one of the few IT firms to offer professional film production. Our studio services make it possible for any business to have stunning videos that tell their story and gain business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Why do some websites show up on the first page of a Google search and others don’t? There are a lot of factors involved in earning that coveted spot.

Part of our web design service includes using the right tags, keywords, and other optimization tactics to help your website get noticed, visited, and attract qualified leads.


Shopping online for goods and services has now become second nature. Often people would rather buy online from the convenience of their home rather than going out.

Is your website optimized to take orders? Ecommerce doesn’t have to be difficult if you have a professional to connect all the moving parts so money comes right into your bank account as orders are coming into your inbox.

ADA Compliance

More than 15% of the population in the U.S. has some form of disability. Ensuring easy access to your website by all not only gains you more customers than a competitor whose site isn’t accessible, it reduces legal risk.

Twin States Technical Services offers a comprehensive and complete website scan for ADA compliance and that includes a 1 hour consultation to review what we find and suggestions to make your site easily accessible by all.

Let Us Tell Your Story Visually & Gain You Business

Your company is unique, and we can help you stand out visually and memorably.

Call us today for a free consultation at 563-441-1504 or contact us online.

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