Crypto-type Virus Alert

Recently, we’ve heard reports that some clients have received emails which contain a very bad virus (a Crypto-type Virus, destroying data access). If you didn’t get our email, here’s what you should be on the lookout for.

This email comes disguised most commonly as a resume or a scanned file and may have an attachment that has some kind of dot-m (resume.doc-m) – you may think this is from a mobile device or something like that.

This particular virus is called Cryptowall, and it works by encrypting your files and follows the scheme requiring you to pay a fee to unlock the files again. While it is easy to disinfect the computer, unencrypting those files is next to impossible without the key that you need to purchase.

While we have been able to restore the files from backups that we have, these are very damaging to open and have longer term consequences than most viruses because it attacks everything on the computer network.  The virus goes right to any shared files and traverses to new locations to infect.

This has resulted in restoring from backup.

Please be aware of this latest scheme. DO NOT OPEN THINGS YOU DON’T EXPECT, even from people that you know.

Also, a few other “best practices” for every computer user:

  • Make sure your Antivirus is not lapsed or expired.
  • Don’t turn off your AV scans.
  • Know that we care a lot about keeping Windows and third party software up to date and if you see something isn’t, call the help desk.
  • Avoid and delete emails that have attachments, for example ESPECIALLY files that have strange formats or extension “file.doc.exe”  or .m
  • Scan suspicious emails and files before opening
    • Right click the attachment and save it to your computer
    • Once downloaded, right click the file and you should see an option similar to “scan file”
    • If your Antivirus does not report it as infected and it’s a file you’re expecting to receive, open the file.

If your computer shows symptoms of being infected (running slowly, freezing, etc.) please call us immediately. We are available every weekday from 8 AM until 5 PM. Emergencies are handled accordingly.


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