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There has been a tremendous uptick in cyber attacks this year. We are getting at least a call per week, sometimes a couple a week, on significantly compromised businesses calling for help. The following are some common factors that we see in these cases and some tips to help improve you cybersecurity.

Common Factors in Attacks

Lack Two-Factor Authentication 

Also referred to as 2FA, TFA, or 2 Step Verification. The fist step is the usual username and password input. The second process typically involves a code being sent to trusted personal devices (such as your phone). Some common authenticators include Google Authenticator and Apple’s two-factor authentication.

Lack Brute-Force Password Guessing Protection

This form of hacking consists of generating every possible combination that could make up a password and testing it to see if it is the correct password. Longer passwords are exponentially more difficult to crack.

Reuse Passwords

Remembering several passwords is difficult, however there are secure programs that you can use to not only hide and store your passwords, but they can also generate new random passwords for you. Pleasant Pass and LastPass are two such password managers.

Extra Cyber Security Precautions

Other security aspects to consider: place restrictions on remote desktop protocol, run phishing tests, train employees on threat detection, and employ geo blocking to prevent certain IPs to access your content.


At Twin State, we use prevention techniques and practices to set you up well so the clean up from any cyber event mitigates fraud, lost data, encrypted databases, compromised email, and zombie workstations that result from weak security practices.

If you would like us to review and help improve your cybersecurity practices, contact us.


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