Event Recap: Cybersecurity for Small to Medium-Sized Companies

Hub Huddle Event Recap

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Hub Huddles are free events hosted by the Quad Cities Chamber to facilitate discussion between manufacturing leaders on best practices for growth and strategies for overcoming challenges. Our CEO, Beth Tinsman, was invited to do a presentation on Cybersecurity for Small to Medium-Sized Companies. The following is a recap of her May 2019 presentation.

Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses

Beth kicked off the Hub Huddle presentation by identifying why companies should have cybersecurity as part of their strategic plan. She included the Top 10 Cybersecurity Tips for small businesses. Some of these tips include setting up firewalls, regularly backing up data, and controlling access to the company’s computers.

Cybersecurity Training for Your Office Employees

Ongoing employee cybersecurity training is becoming more vital to business health due to the high costs of data breaches. One simple way employees can avoid a detrimental cyber attack is to look for “HTTPS” on websites they visit to ensure they are secure.

Sample IT/Cybersecurity Procedures

Information technology and cybersecurity policies can be confusing. To help attendees better understand what cybersecurity practices and procedures, Beth went over some examples.

Evaluating Current IT/Cybersecurity Procedures

Using the compliance guidance template from the University of Minnesota, Beth helped attendees evaluated their current security practices. They identified potential risks and areas for improvement.

Need to implement an effective cybersecurity policy?

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