Demonstrating Compliance With Data Security Regulations Can Be Easy If You Are Prepared

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Keep a close watch on IT system access

These days, most businesses are subject to data protection laws or regulations of one kind or another. Violations often come with pretty stiff penalties.

To help demonstrate you are compliant with access control requirements, you should have clear policies and procedures about who gets access to what, what kind of passwords are required, and how often those passwords are updated. If you do not have a way of automatically tracking and logging password use, it is very hard to enforce those kinds of policies ― or to show you have followed the policies after an incident.

A password management solution can help by giving you a full view of the passwords and permissions associated with users in your business. You can see which accounts they have access to, exactly when they sign into them, any changes they make to system credentials, and other activities.

Everything Under Control

With a password management solution, you can assign permissions and adjust them as people change jobs within your company ― and especially when they leave. You can be sure everyone has access to everything they need to do their jobs, without having access they do not need, which could introduce security risks.

This kind of window into your password environment means you have a better chance of spotting unusual activity that could mean a breach. If your log shows an employee logged into an account in the middle of the night from a different country, there is a good chance his or her account has been compromised. Catching that early can help you act quickly to assess any damage and change affected passwords right away.

Proof at your Fingertips

Proper password management saves you a massive amount of time and worry if you ever have to produce records to demonstrate your practices are compliant with access control requirements of privacy and data security laws or regulations. The required information is readily available, so you do not have to devote hours of staff time to tracking it all down. And you have less of a chance of being found non-compliant because you missed a step or couldn’t find something.
Prove Compliance with privacy and data regulations!

Get Cyber Security Services from Twin State Technical Services

If you have questions about access control and what might be right for your business, get help from our team of experts in cybersecurity solutions and sleep easier at night. That wraps up our blog series on password best practices. Securing your business from cyber-threats is one of our most important jobs. We hope this series has helped you see how a strong password management system can make it easier for your employees to sign into their accounts and keep your business safer. As always, if you have more questions or want to talk, just let us know.

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