Enterprise’s Security is Being Attacked with Malware by Hackers at a 60% Success Rate

In the latest news, The Hacker's Playbook Findings have disclosed that malware attacks on enterprise security are successful more than 60% of the time, according to TechRepublic. You need to have a plan in place to counteract them!

Protecting your business from threats

"According to the third edition of the Hacker's Playbook Findings Report, published By SafeBreach in December 2017, of the 3,400 security breach methods tested, the malware infiltration success rate reported was in excess of 60%. More significantly, once an enterprise is breached, hackers can navigate laterally through the network at an astounding rate more than 70% of the time."

"In other words, whatever your enterprise has done to protect its network from unauthorized access up to this point is almost guaranteed to be ineffective more than half the time. But while that is an uncomfortable fact to ponder, it doesn't mean enterprises have no options to counteract that disturbing 60% hacker success rate."
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