Happy Halloween from TSTS!

Everyone has their own favorite way to celebrate Halloween, whether it be candy apples, corn mazes, trick ‘r treating, or a good old-fashioned marathon of monster movies. Here at Twin State Technical Services we like to share IT horror stories. Here is one we would like to share with you… Enjoy!

IT: Inoculation for Tetanus

On All Hallows’ Eve, “Ned” (name changed to protect the well intentioned!) had been at work late, always the last one to leave. As the moonlight began to stream through his window he suddenly heard an odd sound…Drip. Drip. Sizzle. Ned, being cautious, decided to check out the hall. He heard it again… Drip. Drip. Sizzle. He continued to investigate for a few short minutes but found nothing.  He quickly made the assumption that he had been working too long and therefore must be hearing things.  He packed up his computer and left for the night.

The next morning, Ned was the first one to arrive at the office.  He opened the back door to find water gushing out from under the server room door.  Having the Twin State Networking Team on speed dial, he immediately informed his favorite Networking Engineer of this small water issue. Within minutes, the Twin State Engineer arrived to discover that Ned had underestimated the water problem. As she opened the server room door, she saw a steady stream of water pouring from the HVAC drip pan in the ceiling.  Unfortunately for her, she stepped back and tripped over an upside down plastic floor protector mat, causing her to fall and impale both forearms onto its spikes. Freeing herself, she decided to get her Tetanus shot updated, and made her way to the server room. Later that day, with the pooled water gone and fans running on high, she was able to salvage the wet servers. She did get those Tetanus shots and appreciated her teammates who came to help restore the data and programs to a spare server.

So on All Hallows’ Eve, when your deadlines have kept you later than usual, keep your favorite Twin State Networking Team on speed dial, just in case… Drip. Drip. Sizzle. 

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