How to Make Award-Winning Video Content

Here are Five Tips to Produce Award-Winning Video Content

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1. Do Your Research

Spend the time really researching what your targeted audience wants to see. What you think they want to watch may be entirely different than what they actually want to watch. Ways to get feedback could include: focus groups, surveys, interviews, and paying attention and follow the groups you are targeting.

2. Be Creative

Utilize your whole team, your colleagues, your pet pig, or whatever you can to develop a compilation of interesting and unique ideas. Usually the discovery process of concepting a video is done over time and does not just happen on cue. You can be surprised, sometimes it's the last person you thought of as a creative, is the person comes up with the most amazing and unique idea for a video.

3. Spend the Money

If your goal is producing high quality, branded content that will properly reflect the high quality of your business, then you need to spend the money to achieve this. Having a solid budget will allow your business to utilize amazing effects, high caliber production talent, professional equipment, and a sense of security that you will not get by being cheap.

4. Take Risks

There are no stupid ideas when brainstorming. 'Stupid' ideas can sometimes be the best ideas! The reason is, a stupid idea can be massaged in a way to become a never before seen and super unique idea of creating brand awareness for your business. To create award-winning video content, you must be willing to take risks. It’s so competitive in the business landscape that the businesses that climb their way to the top will definitely have taken risks to get there. Being soft is not what attracts customers. Being confident, strong, and different is what’s going to give you a competitive advantage.

5. Learn from Mistakes

If your first video bombs, learn from that. Most likely it’s because you either skipped or did not pay attention to the four previous tips.

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!

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