Tips to Implement a Video Marketing Strategy

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Marketing has changed dramatically over the last two decades thanks to the internet. You can now reach more buyers with a digital Google Ad than you can with a print ad in a national magazine.

One of the key digital marketing methods that’s been trending up in recent years is video. YouTube has become the second largest search engine with 1 billion unique visitors each month.

Many companies have realized that video marketing is crucial in today’s world, while others aren’t sure how it’s going to help them or where to even begin.

At Twin State Technical Services, we follow technology trends closely, so we can help our customers stay ahead of their competition. That’s why we created our Studio Services to help businesses of all sizes implement a great video marketing strategy that attracts buyers.

So, what’s involved with video marketing and how does it fit in with your sales goals? We’ve got the answer to those questions next followed by some powerful tips to help you get started.

Why Do I Need a Video Marketing Strategy?

Imagine if you could sit down face-to-face for a few minutes and sell every customer that comes to your website. While that’s probably not physically possible, it’s virtually possible with video.

That’s one of the things that makes video so engaging, is that you can tell your company’s story anytime of the day or night, in your own words and with compelling theme music.

Companies that market by video get 66% more qualified leads each year. (OptinMonster)

The reason companies have been adding video to their marketing strategies is because it works. It’s also got a great ROI, according to 83% of companies that use it.

Some eye-opening statistics in a 2017 State of Video Marketing survey include:

  • 79% of consumers would rather watch a video than read text to learn about a product.
  • 84% of buyers have been convinced by a video to make a purchase.
  • 81% of companies said video marketing increased their sales

How can you take advantage of video marketing in your own business? We’ve got a few tips.

Implement a Great Video Strategy with These Simple Tips

Before you grab your cell phone to start filming, you’ll want to read these tips to ensure your video is as powerful as it can be.

Our Studio Services Team at Twin State Technical Services often helps companies craft their videos by writing a great video storyline for them that acts as the framework for a compelling video that sells.

There are a few different ways you can use videos in your marketing, including:

  • Product videos
  • Corporate culture videos
  • Educational/Instructional videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Blog series videos
  • Animations (which can fall into any of the above)

Here are a few tips that can ensure you’re getting your video marketing off on the right foot. 

Use Storytelling Not Sales Pitches

When you tell the story of how your product or service helped a client, that’s much more powerful that just listing off bullet points of benefits and features. You can also capture interest by telling your own story of how your business started and why.

Viewers want to be engaged, not just given a sales pitch. Storytelling is the way to give value to the person watching your video content and get them to keep watching.

Make it Look Professional

You know how you go to some websites and their images are all grainy and blurry? That’s an example of a very poor execution of a great idea… using images on a website. But it makes their company look worse instead of better.

The same is true of video marketing. You don’t just want to put up quickly shot videos without any professional style or editing done to them, or you may not get the return in views and sales that you’re expecting.

Twin States Technical Services offers affordable video services that cover everything from planning to shooting to editing the final product.

Have a Plan

Story boarding is something that’s vital to a good blockbuster movie and just as important for your video marketing strategy. In order to put out a video that sells and engages potential customers, you need to map out ahead of time what you want to say.

Write out everything that’s going to happen in the video in advance, and fine tune it, so when you get ready to shoot the footage, it’s as easy as following your pre-planned road map.

Use a Call to Action

Good website landing pages have a call to action, telling the customer what you’d like them to do. “Call us for more information”, “Click here to start your free trial”, “Search our sale items now”, all of these give a direction once your content has been watched.

Today’s video editing tools allow use of buttons and other calls to action to be placed directly into the end of the video.

Need Help Making an Awesome Sales Video?

Twin State Technical Services is one of the premier “one stop shops” in the Quad Cities area for all types of digital marketing, including video studio services.

Are you interested in promoting your company with a commercial, web series, or video blog? Let’s discuss your video strategy today! Call us at 563-441-1504 or contact us online.

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