Internet Browsers, Now Marking Sites as “Not Secure”

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Does your website have an SSL certificate?

If not, Chrome, Firefox and Apple Safari mark you as “not secure.”

How can you tell?

When you look at your URL bar you will see either http:// or https:// before Google Chrome already positively labels sites that have been secured with an SSL certificate. They earn a little green padlock, with the word “Secure” next to their website address.

https-secured url bar

In other browsers, you can tell if your site is protected by reading the domain name. Does it say “https” at the beginning? If so, congratulate yourself! That “S” stands for “secure,” and means that you have an SSL certificate installed.  vs.

If your domain name instead says “http://” without the “s”, then you’re using a normal, unsecured connection. Chrome will display a gray “i” inscribed in a circle that you can click for more info instead of the green padlock.

Unsecured website url bar screenshot

What does this mean?

Google Chrome displays notices in the URL bar if a site doesn’t use an SSL certificate. They already are ranking https (this is the secure, SSL certificate version) sites higher than standard http

Google has already started putting notices in the URL bar to let the users know if the company has secured their website.

Current Treatment of HTTP pages for warning signs

If you click on the warning sign you get this popup message:

popup chrome shows when a site is secure with an ssl certificate

Eventually, they will be rolling out an actual warning sign.

Not Secure warning on a URL from Google Chrome

Users will now think your website is a threat. This will deter them from looking at what you could offer them and you’d be driving them right to your competitors. Make sure you secure your website to avoid all of these warning signs!

Secure sign for website with HTTPS SSL cert

How can your Twin State Tech Team help?

  1. If you don’t have an SSL certificate, we can help purchase and install one for you.
  2. Any WordPress sites hosted with Twin State receives a free SSL certificate!
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