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Protecting your data, your processes, and your investment

Companies across the globe took a new approach in 2020 to doing business, including moving more to the cloud and using virtual workflows for the first time. This opened the door even wider to cyberattacks. Cybercriminals look to businesses of all sizes, not just big businesses. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to attacks by protecting yourself from ransomware, malware, phishing, and natural disasters. 

Cybercriminals raked in more than one trillion dollars globally in 2020, targeting businesses big and small. Twenty eight percent of the businesses successfully targeted by cybercrime in 2020 were in the “small business” category.

Bottom line—your business is a potential target.

The problem: Where will the next attack strike?

Your business process is made up of many layers that are supported by your IT environment. Advanced cybercriminal tactics can target each layer individually:

  • Your internet use
  • Your network
  • Your employees
  • Your applications
  • Your devices

Just deploying antivirus, using a firewall, and regularly updating your operating system is no longer enough to protect your business.

Layered security

Layered security is the next step in securing your mission-critical data and workflow. Twin State Tech provides cost-effective IT security management, monitoring, and maintenance that is proactive and comprehensive. No aspect of your IT use is left out as we deploy protective protocols across each layer of your IT environment.

  • Internet layer – Securing your data traffic
  • Network layer – Protecting against lateral attack
  • People layer – Protecting identities and accounts plus employee training
  • Application layer – Employing proper software management
  • Device layer – Keeping individual machines from becoming a target

Why layered security?

Layering provides backup to count any gaps in other defenses of security. The layers work together to form a tight mesh and tighten security, increasing the chances to stop hacks of any single layer.

  • Demonstrating industry and regulatory compliance
  • Avoiding risks posed by new technologies
  • Allowing teams to work safely from anywhere
  • Keeping unplanned downtime to an absolute minimum
  • Protecting proprietary information and confidential client data

Keep your business running at full speed—let us handle the cybersecurity

Working with our full team of IT cybersecurity architects gives you the peace of mind to tackle the next phase of your organizational development, landing new deals and expanding into new markets.

Our team helps you move forward by taking on the time-consuming tasks of cybersecurity management. Each of our cybersecurity management agreements is cost-effective and tailored to the level of protection you need today and to grow tomorrow.

The business benefits of layered security

  • Ability to securely pursue organizational objectives
  • Higher productivity due to minimized downtime
  • Lower risk profile
  • Adherence to cybersecurity insurance mandates
  • Faster response to and resolution of IT security incidents
  • Granular reporting of IT security posture to demonstrate compliance

Need more information?

We are here to help make securing your business easy for you. We would be happy to help you determine precisely what IT cybersecurity solutions need to be in place for your workflow. To do this, we conduct a strategic analysis of your current state, identify critical gaps, and provide you with a roadmap to a healthier IT security posture. Allow TSTS to be your managed services provider to keep your data safe by implementing a proactive, multilayered cybersecurity approach based on your specific needs. 

Contact us today for a consultation. Call 563-441-1504 or contact us online.

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