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Our team at Twin State is always willing to learn about the best and newest strategies and tactics. That's why when a good opportunity comes up, we take advantage. This week, we sent three members of our web team to one of the best digital marketing conferences around—MozCon.

Route to MozCon

What is MozCon?

MozCon is one of the leading digital marketing conferences in the world. It's held in Seattle, WA every summer, and people come from all over to learn about a variety of digital marketing tactics from Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing to website design and content creation. Attendees get to listen to speakers, network with industry leading professionals, and attend workshops. All of these events make it one of the best ways to learn about digital marketing. MozCon allows our staff to expand on their knowledge and bring it back to the Quad City area to help our clients.

MozCon schedule
people at MozCon

Why are we attending?

Our web team has helped numerous clients with their digital marketing efforts, but there is always room for learning. Our web team went to gain experience in an important industry. Helping our clients start or grow their business is the main goal for Twin State. Events like MozCon allow our team to think outside the box and learn from the best in the business. Digital marketing has increasingly been a topic of conversation for our clients over the last few years. We stay up-to-date on the best practices for digital marketing every day. There is nothing like the hands-on experience and face-to-face contact with leading professionals that MozCon offers, though.

Our team takes pride in the work they do and going to major conferences like MozCon helps us improve Quad City businesses. Digital marketing has been and will continue to be an important part of any business's success. If you want to learn more about what digital marketing can do for you, or what our team is learning at MozCon, let us know. We are always willing to share our experiences with businesses around the Quad City area.

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