New Phone Scams on Businesses, Please Send Your Cancelled Check


Ever since the invention of the telephone, there have been money wiring scams. Throughout the decades, these scams have taken many forms. There are times when the cons are more difficult to recognize. Regardless of how it has been dressed up, non-legitimate requests for  money have the potential to be devastating to your organization.

The most recent incarnation follows a familiar structure: a phone call seeming to be from a trusted vendor, but they’re asking you for sensitive information.  They say you owe them money, and they ask for a cancelled check to prove you paid them.   We are now seeing our local clients and their businesses targeted by this particular scam.

How it works

Through social media sites, such as LinkedIn, these scammers are able to find connections between businesses and their clients and vendors.  Even old copiers resold to someone unscrupulous can be the source of confidential material. The attacker will then call the business, posing as one of their vendors. They will ask for payment or proof of payment by requesting either a canceled check or a copy of private information from recent work that has been done. They may know the exact amount of a past invoice.  With this, they gain access to your bank account and routing information.

With new iterations of scams seemingly on the rise, it’s always important to keep your eyes open to these ever-changing, harmful threats, and remember to always verify the source of any entity requesting sensitive information, via phone or otherwise.

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