Producing Content Marketing Videos

Follow these 6 steps to create content marketing videos to fit your business.

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1. Establish the Goals of the Video

Decide who your target audience is and then work on the message and tone that you want the video to convey. You also want to have clear CTAs (Calls To Actions). A call to action is what you hope the viewer will do after watching the video.

2. Create a Video Budget

A video is just like any other marketing piece your business may use to generate new customers and continually engage current customers. For video blogs or short bumper ads, a small in-house team may suffice. For larger scope videos that will be distributed on multiple platforms with an expanded reach, it makes sense to use professionals that can guarantee a high production value.

3. Pre-Production

This phase of producing the video can include everything from scripting the video, storyboarding, shooting schedule, locking crew, and delivery schedule of final edited assets.

4. Production

The production phase includes the final location scouts, securing any necessary permits, and actually filming. We recommend having a detailed shot list that. This will guarantee to cover the necessary scenes to deliver the video as expected.

5. Post Production

Post-production is taking the video files and organizing the footage into folders that can be easily accessed by the editor. This will organize the files in an easy way to create a video, as well as having the footage available to repurpose for future videos. A delivery schedule should also be created to avoid leaving any aspect of this phase open-ended.

6. Distribution

Decide the best platforms to share your video. This can include adding the video to YouTube and embedding it on your website, posting it on social media channels, as well as a media buy for traditional television airtime.

If you have any questions about this process, don't hesitate to ask!

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