Rivermont Collegiate’s Technology Fair

This weekend Twin State Technical Services participated as a sponsor for the Rivermont Tech fair on Saturday, April 7th, 2018. This year, for the first time it was opened to all students in the Quad Cities. It is a place where students can explore technology and their passions.

Abigail J at the Rivermont Tech Fair 2018

A member of our team, Micah Moser, snagged a picture with Abigail J. She was the blue-ribbon winner of the “Innovation in Tech” award with her “Smart Mirror”. She programmed a Raspberry Pi to present helpful information to display on a transparent mirror. Her concept was a vision to help kids with ADD to get ready in the morning quickly and to increase awareness of the time and tasks needed completion for the for the day ahead. Abby enjoyed hanging out with the TSTS and playing with our “Ask Alexa Anything” demo of Alexa! Her favorite thing to ask Alexa was to play the Stormtrooper March song.

For more information and to watch the video visit, ourquadcities.com

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