Can Custom Apps & Software Help You Sell More & Save Money? The ROI Benefits of Customization

Can Custom Apps & Software Help You Sell More & Save Money? The ROI Benefits of CustomizationBusiness owners are always on the lookout for efficiencies that help them reduce costs and improve sales. It’s a key balance that keeps any business going and growing.

One opportunity that might not immediately jump out as an option that can do both is custom software and app development.

Companies typically are resigned to using whichever off the shelf software is available even if it’s not a perfect fit. But the benefits of customization could be a real cost saver when it comes to productivity and staying on top of items unique to their business.

Our Custom Software Development Team at Twin State Technical Services helps companies realize the monetary benefits from integrating software that is customized to their specific needs.

We also open up the sales opportunities of custom app development to get them better in front of potential customers, who are increasingly on mobile devices.

But with any project comes the need to show a good ROI. The advantages of custom software development need to pay for themselves in a decent timeframe and provide ongoing returns on the initial investment.

If you’ve been wondering about the advantages of contracting the design of custom software or mobile apps for your company, read on for some real ways to calculate your potential ROI.

Example: Fast Payback from Custom Software

Imagine you’re a manufacturer of heavy equipment, like those big bull dozers you see on the side of a road construction project. You have government mandates to keep that equipment inspected and repaired regularly, or face fines.

There isn’t really a good software designed to help your team keep up with all the equipment out there at each customer site as well as the key personnel that have the expertise to inspect and repair each one. So, your team does the best they can with what’s available, but equipment falls through the cracks and you’re paying the price through:

  • Fines of $500,000 to $1 million/year for falling behind the mandated inspection/repair schedule
  • Productivity loss from wasted time looking up files in an inefficient system

You decide to have a custom software designed that helps your team master a database of all your equipment, its location and repair status, and which sends out alerts to the appropriate inspection and repair personnel well in advance.

Your team is now able to keep on top of this vital company function and the cost to develop that software is drastically less than the annual fines you were paying.

That’s just one example of custom software paying for itself and improving a company’s bottom line significantly.

How Do You Calculate the ROI of Custom Software & Apps?

Whether you’re looking for a software that’s tailored to your distinct business needs or a better way to sell to your customers though a mobile app, Twin State Technical Services can help you meet your goals.

We work with multiple clients in the Quad Cities area for whom the off the shelf solutions just aren’t working. Many of them had no idea how customized software could make such a big positive impact on their business until they experienced it for themselves.

Here are some of the key elements that go into calculating your ROI from these customizations.

Increased Sales

It’s important to reach customers where they are. For instance, the benefit of newsprint ads is fading because more eyes are now looking at smartphones for more hours a day.

Mobile apps account for 90% of the time people spend on smartphones. (eMarketer).

Firms like Starbucks and McDonald’s drive more sales and customer engagement with their mobile apps. But you don’t need to be a large corporation to benefit from your own mobile application.

Whether you sell products or services, mobile apps can facilitate customer sales, appointment booking, and showing off your value statements. Companies that aren’t thinking about ways to reach an increasingly mobile customer-base might end up losing sales to their competition.

Productivity Savings

Did you know that the average worker spends about 1.9 hours per day just looking for files (either paper or digital)? That’s nearly 25% of a work day that could be lessened by some software efficiencies.

Just like the heavy equipment company, many businesses have workflows that could be improved and save them money by having custom software developed to address inefficient processes.

Many business owners don’t even realize they could shave hours off a particular process or improve the way things are done until they sit down with an IT pro for an efficiency consultation.

Employee Morale Boost

Some of the sometime intangible benefits of developing custom software include increased employee satisfaction and retention. If you put custom software in place that takes the frustration out of their daily tasks, you empower them, make their lives easier, and benefit your company in the process.

What Would Your Custom Software or App Look Like?

Aren’t sure what a customized mobile app or productivity software with your company name on it might look like? Twin State Technical Services can show you!

Call us today for a free consultation and learn how much you can potentially save with a little customization. Contact: 563-441-1504 or reach out online.

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