Social Media: 5 Tips & Best Practices

Social Media Tips and Best Practices

The average adult checks their phone every ten minutes and spends more than two hours on popular social media sites per day. So, it is hard to believe that a little over a decade ago, people didn’t know about social networking services.

Beyond the amazing ability to connect with long lost friends and family, social networking sites like Instagram have helped launch multi-million-dollar businesses and provided a whole new way for companies to market through photo sharing, video sharing, and Instagram stories.  As a matter of fact, studies have shown that 74% of consumers rely on social media to make buying decisions.

Whether you have set up a company profile on your favorite social media and have not fully utilized it, or maybe you don’t really understand social media at all, with an increasingly connected world, there is a good chance that your current and future customers are daily active users on one or more social media platforms!

To help you maximize social media as a marketing tool, we have compiled a few tips and best practices for using them successfully!

How Does Each Social Media Network Differ?

The first step in mastering digital marketing over social media is to understand the differences between each network. While they all connect people, they differ in certain ways, and knowing the audience for each can help you laser target your message.

Facebook: Friends & Family

You can think of Facebook as similar to sitting on the front porch and chatting with friends and family. Businesses selling consumer goods and services (such as a dentist office or ice cream shop) have excellent opportunities here to connect in a more social setting.

Twitter: Message with the World

The # (hashtag) and @ (name callout) are important here. Consumers use twitter to communicate with the world at large and often use it to get the attention of a brand or business.

LinkedIn: Business Social Media

LinkedIn is the one social network that is completely dedicated to connecting business professionals. People often refer to is at the “corporate version of Facebook.” It offers excellent lead generation and B2B connection opportunities.

YouTube: Video Messaging

YouTube is of course all about video communication. Keyword tags in the appropriate categories will help you stand out and posting on YouTube can also help your search engine presence.

Instagram: Pictures Speak a Thousand Words

The photo is king on Instagram, even more so than the text you write. Compelling imagery and well-placed hashtags have launched many a successful business here.

Tips for Success on Social Media

Jump start your social media with these best practices and business-boosting tips.

1. Use Both Popular and Personal Hashtags

Hashtags are the way you can get more eyes on your social media post and can also help you connect your followers and promote something special. For example, if you see a trending hashtag, like “#MondayMotivation”, you can use that in your post to jump in a conversation. You can also promote a hashtag for your business, like #TwinStateTips

The optimum number of hashtags by network according to Small Business Trends is:

  • Twitter: 1
  • Instagram: 9
  • Facebook: 1

2. Put Thought Into Your Images & Video

On social media, a picture truly does speak 1,000 words and it’s often the thing that gets people to click over to your post. Grainy or dark images that are hard to see aren’t going to help your brand image. Take the time to take and edit attractive images that draw people in.

Professional videos also make all the difference in showcasing your business and products/services in their best light. A well-produced video can be your 24/7 salesperson that never sleeps.

3. Don’t Always Be Selling

If you’re only posting sales advertisements all the time, your followers are going to get bored fast. Social media is a conversation and a way to gain trust, so you want to mix up your posts and use a friendly and personal voice when writing them.

Types of post themes can include:

  • Asking followers what they want to know about your industry
  • Promoting a staff member in a “get to know us” post
  • Highlight a client and their business
  • Showcase your office pets (everyone loves pets!)
  • Post a “behind the scenes” photo
  • Promote a sale or special (yes, you can sell, just not all the time)

4. Make a Plan & Use a Scheduling Tool

If you’re just going around the office and posting funny pictures, you may not get what you want from social media. List out your objectives, then create a social media calendar so you’re posting regularly based upon your marketing goals. Tools that allow you to pre-schedule posts on several networks can be a real time-saver.

5. Use Your Blog to Power Your Social Media

Blogs offer an excellent opportunity to bring people into your website through social media. With a blog you can use eye catching-headlines on topics that are of interest to your users, then post on social media with a teaser and a link leading them to your site.

Looking To Super-Charge Your Social Media This Year?

Our Digital Marketing Team can help your business make the most of digital marketing strategies like social media. Whether you’re looking to drive more foot traffic to your shop or to gain more clients, we know all the tricks that can help you succeed online.

For more information, visit our digital marketing services page or give us a call at 563-441-1504!

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