Beth Tinsman

Beth Tinsman

Following a decade at IBM, Beth Tinsman founded Twin State Technical Services in 1992. She has advised many area executives on applying technology to business strategy, and she continues to help businesses maximize their investment in their IT infrastructure. Beth is a true technologist, having both a broad and deep knowledge of networking, programming, web development, and branding/strategy. She often serves as a guest speaker at conferences and is an adjunct at St. Ambrose in the Computer Science Department. Beth earned her B.A. at Northwestern University and her Masters in Information Technology at St. Ambrose University.

Outside of work, Beth enjoys athletics, reading, gardening, and connecting people.


  • Workflow Management
  • Strategy and Technical Planning
  • Assembler
  • MiniTab

Local Favorites

  • Mississippi River
  • Nahant Marsh
  • Whitey’s
  • Downtown
  • Any place with activity

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what 3 things would you bring?

  • Unlimited supply of books
  • My husband
  • A tent