Tech Trends for 2020: the effect on your business

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Implementing new technology trends always brings new challenges. Which trends for 2020 will be influential and become the top IT priorities for your company in 2020?

Top areas to think about will be in the areas of cloud computing, collaboration, security, disaster recovery, and managed services.

Trend 1: What is the Cloud?

To put it simply, the cloud is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process data rather than using a local server or personal computer. Many of the systems used today are cloud-based services. Think Gmail, Google Drive, OneNote, even Facebook, and Instagram. The data is stored on a cloud-hosted service for on-demand access.

Cloud computing means SMBs can start adopting solutions as quickly or slowly as they want and upgrade or downgrade at will. Cloud software—namely Software-as-a-Solution services (SaaS)—covers virtually every aspect an organization needs to succeed from sales and marketing to analytical functions to business continuity.

Cost savings are realized in several ways. Data is easily accessed, saving time and money. Many applications are pay-as-you-go for services and storage so you pay for only the services and space you need. Cloud computing also offers stronger security. Your cloud host is monitoring security 24/7, keeping a watchful eye on every type and level of breach. 94% of businesses say they saw an improvement in security after implementing cloud solutions.

Trend 2: Collaboration Celebration

Go team! Teamwork on the cloud allows members to easily view, use, analyze, and share information. Collaborative cloud work increases productivity and engagement on projects. Working collaboratively on the cloud offers advantages by reducing infrastructure needs, eliminating redundancies, and minimizing upgrade and maintenance costs.

Collaboration using cloud-based business practices helps reduce overhead by enabling a remote workforce with work-at-home and part-time employee solutions.

Trend 3: Heightened Security

Cybersecurity can no longer be ignored; it is a serious threat for all businesses. 81% of organizations claim that negligent or careless employees are the top risk to endpoint security and 43% of cyberattacks target small businesses. What can you do to safeguard your business?

  • Perform a security assessment
  • Train employees
  • Implement firewall security
  • Create a mobile device action plan
  • Ensure offsite backups
  • Control physical access to any computer
  • Understand and employ best practices
  • Implement secure password authentication
  • Have a disaster recovery plan

Trend 4: Speaking of Disaster…

In 2016 alone, IT failures caused a loss of $1.1 trillion to businesses. In 2020, make it a priority to address security issues. You can start by creating a disaster recovery strategy and plan. Consider these points as the top items on your list:

  • Offsite backup: think both local and outside of your geographic grid
  • Business continuity plan: create a plan for the entire origination with an entire section devoted to IT
  • Publish your plan: make sure all the key players know how to access the plan offsite – don’t squirrel it away in a locked closet

Trend 5: Managed IT Services to Level the Playing Field

Engaging in managing IT services helps put your small to mid-sized business on the same level as bigger competitors. Nearly 64% of businesses are using managing services for at least one IT function. Hiring an outside IT expert is not a sign of weakness of your current staff. Flexible service models can provide:

  • Proactive approaches to IT problems, especially in the security arena
  • Free internal staff of day-to-day issues to focus on strategic activities
  • Volume pricing through combined purchasing
  • Reduced costs associated with costly, chaotic break/fix situations
  • Better uptime

New year, new IT resolutions.

As you implement your business goals for the new year, dovetail those goals with the correct IT strategy. Leverage the knowledge base of Twin State Technical Services to help make your IT resolutions a reality in 2020. Give us a call at 563-441-1504 or reach out online.


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