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Twin State Tech was featured on Paula Sands Live and Living Local shows during October, Cybersecurity Awareness Month.  Beth Tinsman, CEO & Founder, was invited to the shows to share some important information on how to be safe and secure in the digital world.  

Interview: How Outsmart Cyber Attackers  

Beth Tinsman, Founder, and CEO of Twin State Technical Services was invited to Paula Sands Live. Her interview urged anyone involved with a business to create a cybersecurity plan to outsmart cyber attackers.  

The show aired on October 19, 2022. Beth Tinsman shared that about 60% of people have been victims of cybercrime. Cybercrimes include compromised credit cards, mobile message scams, social media requests from people we don’t know, and fraudulent job filings.  

During the interview, Beth revealed businesses or individuals who lack updates on their systems or software could be the most vulnerable to attacks. To stay safe, she recommends implementing artificial intelligence, like antivirus tools to alert and block attacks before they happen and suggested applying strong passwords, multi-factor authentication, and password policies. Beth and the Twin State team enjoy helping people in the community and have been in business for 25 years.   

Interview: Shopping Security   

With the holidays approaching, now is the time to talk shopping security. Beth was interviewed on the Living Local show on October 25, 2022. The interview discussed some efforts and proper cautions to protect businesses and individuals from dangers online and what they need to look for to avoid being a victim of cyber villains.  

During the interview, Beth shared some strategies to stay safe and secure at work and at home and provided information regarding how Twin State Tech can help. To learn how to create a cybersecurity plan or set up a consultation to discuss your risk assessment, visit    

We were lucky to be able to share security tips in two TV interviews and two news articles. Read more below to learn about the two news articles from the Quad Cities Regional Business Journal and the Oelwein Daily Register. 

Guest Column: Cyberattacks happen 2,200 times a day. How can your business avoid an attack?  

Click here to read Beth Tinsman’s guest column with the Quad Cities Regional Business Journal. The article centers on how to avoid cyber-attacks and how to focus on prevention and treatment. Areas of focus include user awareness training, multi-factor authentication, password management & policies, cyber insurance, endpoint detection & response with antivirus, and disaster recovery planning. Thanks, Quad Cities Business Journal, for the excellent opportunity to share some tips with your readers.   

Bonus Interview: Awareness, simple steps are key in protecting online security  

Micah Mosher, Client and Business Development Manager at Twin State Technical Services was interviewed by the Oelwein Daily Register. The article is about how awareness of cyber risks and acting to limit them are critical steps in staying safe online.  Thanks, Shane Butterfield, but interviewing our team member and publishing this article.    

Make your own security plan today 

Throughout Cybersecurity Awareness Month our team tried to share as much information as we could to educate the Quad Cities area. We're also here to help you make your own plan. Visit us to get a copy of our cybersecurity checklist and start planning your own strategy.  

Click here to learn more about the building blocks of a solid security plan and to get started on yours today. 

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