Twin State Technical Services Wins Silver from the 18th Annual w3 Awards

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In the realm of digital experiences, content, and creativity, standing out is a remarkable achievement. Twin State Technical Services has done just that by winning a Silver Award at the 18th Annual w3 Awards, organized by the prestigious Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts. This recognition is a testament to Twin State’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the digital world.

The w3 Awards: Celebrating Digital Brilliance

The w3 Awards are a celebration of excellence in digital media and content creation. Organized annually, this competition attracts thousands of entries from around the world, all vying for recognition as the best in various categories, including Websites, Online Marketing, Web Video, Mobile Sites and Apps, Social Media, Podcasts, and Emerging Technologies. It’s a playground where digital content creators showcase their best work, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital realm.

Twin State’s Silver Triumph: General Websites – Government – Local Category

Twin State Technical Services stood out in the General Websites-Government-Local category, where they clinched the Silver Award. This achievement shines a spotlight on their outstanding work on the website they developed for the Waste Commission of Scott County. Winning in such a category not only underscores their technical prowess but also highlights their ability to create digital solutions that serve the public well.

Excellence in IT and Digital Solutions

Twin State Technical Services has long been known for its excellence in providing IT services, including web design and development, software solutions, network infrastructure, and Managed IT Services. This award solidifies their position as leaders in the digital space, showcasing their ability to combine technical expertise with creative innovation.

A Partnership with Impact: The Waste Commission of Scott County

The project for the Waste Commission of Scott County is a testament to the impact of collaboration between a forward-thinking IT company and a public service organization. The website created by Twin State not only meets the high standards of the w3 Awards but also serves as a valuable resource for the local community.

Twin State’s Silver win at the 18th Annual w3 Awards is a well-deserved recognition of their dedication to excellence in the digital realm. It highlights their ability to create impactful digital experiences that serve both their clients and the general community. As they continue to illuminate brilliance in digital solutions, Twin State’s future endeavors are sure to be met with anticipation and acclaim.

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