How Twitter Updates Could Help Your Social Media Presence

Twitter is known for its short, to-the-point approach to posts. Since its inception, the company has allotted 140-characters per tweet. This included photos and video links, which were automatically shortened to take up only 23-characters. This punchy, stream-of-consciousness style has helped to set Twitter apart from competing social media sites.

It was recently announced that the site will soon stop counting photos and links as being part of the 140-character limit. This could open up discussions between companies and clients who use this site, as well as encourage users to add more media to their posts.

While Twitter hasn’t formalized when this change will come into effect, it will likely provide more opportunity for companies and consumers to expand their social media presence.

Being active on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter allows you to stay connected with clients and fans of your products, as well as reach out to potential clients. Keeping up on social media can be as simple as tweeting, writing posts, linking to your website, or responding to a client’s comment.  By keeping your social media up-to-date, you ensure that clients can have their questions answered, build and maintain a relationship with your company, and most importantly, remember that you’re there.

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