Types of Videos for Businesses

What Type of Video Works Best for Your Business?

Does your company wish to utilize videos to promote your business? Smart Move! Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% so it is obvious why 87% of online marketers use video. We have included 9 types of videos that every business should utilize. If you're stuck on what type of video would be best for your company to put to use, check out these examples! Remember, our brains are wired to prefer visual information, and these visual messages are processed 60,000 times quicker than text.

Product Videos | Product Update Videos | Explainer Videos | Onboarding Videos | Internal Training Videos | Testimonial Videos | Promotional Videos | Company Culture Videos | Social Videos

1. Product Videos

Do you have a difficult product to try to explain? Are you having a hard time to make your product sound interesting? Video can help you! A video is engaging, so showing how your product works, the benefits, and all its features will help you get your product's message across in an appealing way.

2. Product Update Videos

The product update video will keep your existing customer base continuously engaged with you. This will also build trust because not only will they get to put a face to a service, but they can also get help or recent news about the product from you, on their own time, in the comfort of their own space.

Product Update Videos - Video placeholder

3. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos can be so useful to teach your audience how to use your product. If you show them how to solve the problem, they will love you! Isn't the point? Solving a problem your customers are having?

Explainer Videos - Video placeholder

4. Onboarding Videos

Want a simple onboarding process for a new customer? Want a new way to welcome them to your team? What better way than to engage them with a video? Show them that they made the right decision working with your company. "These videos help your customers start off on the right foot with your product. That's why it's crucial that you take extra time to polish the messaging to ensure they're valuable and easy to understand."

Onboarding Videos - Video placeholder

5. Internal Training Videos

When you have new members of your team you want to welcome them with open and motivating arms. "By using video to take new employees through in-depth processes about how your product and company run, you can save time and stress (for both yourself and your new teammates)."

6. Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos can clearly show the potential customers the positive impact that you have on them. This could be very persuasive because it is truly coming from them. These can win over your customers who are on the fence!

Testimonials Videos - Video placeholder

7. Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are like personal video invitations. Whether you're inviting guests to a conference, webinar, or office open house, promotional videos pitch your event while giving your audience a feel for your brand.

Promotional Videos - Video placeholder

8. Company Culture Videos

Company culture videos are the most fun to implement. Show off all the fun and positive things your company does. This is where you can get a little braggadocious about your company. These videos allow customers and future employees a-behind-the-scene sneak peek of things at your office.

Company Culture Videos - Video placeholder

9. Social Videos

"Whether your social network of choice is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or a combination of a bunch of them, the videos you host there can drive traffic to your website or simply live on your profiles to build brand awareness."

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