Upgrading Windows 7 to 10: It’s Time

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How hard is it to make the transition from Windows 7 to Windows 10? The shift to Windows 10 can be easier than you imagine. You can take advantage of new features to streamline your experience with an efficient, fast, and uncomplicated approach.

To help you become familiar with Windows 10, we created a short video.

Basic startup – it’s easy!

After turning on the PC, most versions of Windows 10 do not require a user to sign on using the Control, Alt, Delete buttons any longer. In this newest version, just press any key to get to the start-up screen. You might be prompted for both username and password, or just your password.

After logging in to the Windows 10 Desktop, some of the major differences are the new, updated icons. In the lower-left corner is the Start Menu now has a simple black and white four-square window. Internet Explorer has become Microsoft Edge and sports a new, crisp blue E.

Management on overdrive

File Explorer still is used to manage drives, folders, and files; the icon, though, is a cleaner visual. The System Tray – it is still on the lower-left corner and has largely the same traits. You will see the shutdown/restart feature, as well as battery life and Wi-Fi/internet status. You might even see a head icon allowing you pin frequently contacted people to your taskbar.

Brand new is an Action Center that displays short, informative messages regarding system status/new notifications; these appear in the lower right corner of the screen.

Search made simple

If you have a tough time finding anything on your computer, the Search Bar will be your new best friend. The Search Bar is an innovative element located by the Taskbar. Click the circle icon in the lower left and type in what you’re looking for – an application, a file, a folder. It’s a fast, efficient way to find anything.

Or click in the typing area to see a nice display of top apps, recent files, and emails. Right-click and a menu appear that provides a quick glance at many other features such as Apps and Features, Mobility Center, Event Viewer, Device Settings, etc.

A major change within File Explorer is that My Computer is now called This PC. The functionality is still the same and contains all your local documents, your Desktop, downloads, music, pictures, and videos. The Recent Items File at the top of the listing has been renamed Quick Access. Click that and your favorite folders and the 20 most recently accessed files are displayed

The Taskbar has a novel feature: a rectangle located on the far lower right corner of the screen to the right of the date and time. If you have a lot of files and programs open, but you need access to the Desktop, you can left-click on the Taskbar which will execute a “minimize everything” command that will safely store all your open programs until you return.

Shut down in one click

Exiting a program in Windows 10 is like Windows 7. Clicking on the X in the upper right corner of any program allows you to close that program, or you can right-click on the open program to close the program.

Windows 10 has simplified the daily task of shutting down your computer. On the Start Menu, you need only hover and click on the “Shut down or sign out” button to completely turn it off and exit quickly.

Another major difference in Windows 10 with Office Products is that there is no longer a folder in the Start Menu labeled Microsoft Office that contains all your Office Products. The most efficient way to find your Office Products, or find anything as noted above, is to use the Search function in the Taskbar. Type Excel in the Search bar and Excel opens.

There are many other features to explore in Windows 10. Software updates should be easy and worth the effort. Similar features of Windows 7 make the transition to Windows 10 easy. The updates, though, make the switch worthwhile. If you haven’t upgraded yet, talk to a Twin State Technical Service’s network engineer about making your workplace more efficient. Give us a call at 563-441-1504 or reach out online.


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