What Business Insights Can I Find from Website Analytics?

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So, you’ve got your website built, online, and receiving visitors… now what?

Getting started with your website as your online storefront is just the first step. Your business site doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s gathering data 24/7 about which pages are most popular, which buttons are getting the most clicks, and which pages are turning people off.

It's important to understand which website analytics to look for so you can improve your site, which improves your business.

47% of people visit a company’s website for research before deciding to make a purchase. If your online presence isn’t optimized, you can be losing leads and sales conversions.

Website analytics tracking is as simple as having some code added to your site. This then feeds into a platform, such as Google Analytics, where you can get reporting on multiple areas of your site.

You need to know which reporting can be the most helpful. Otherwise, you can get lost in a sea of data, not knowing where to turn.

We’ll go through some of the most helpful insights below that can help you do things like optimize your site for lead conversions and know when to redesign your site for better visitor retention.

Top Website Analytics Report to Review

One quick tip before we jump into the reports is to automate them and have them emailed to you regularly. This saves time and keeps important data in front of you, so you can make timely business decisions.

Here are some of the top analytics reports to take a look at.

Bounce Rate by Page

Which pages do people like and which are turning them off? If you have a landing page that bounces 90% of your visitors, then you’re losing out big time on potential leads.

Looking at a report of your webpages by bounce rate lets you know which pages visitors like and are staying on, and which ones they’re leaving.

According to Search Engine Journal, a bounce rate between 41-55% is average. Lower is better, higher is worse. This does of course vary with the goal of your page and whether it’s a single page site or multi-page.

Some reasons for high bounce rate include:

  • Page takes too long to load
  • Page doesn’t match the lead source (e.g., The text of a referring Google Ad)
  • Misleading meta description
  • Error on the page
  • Low quality content
  • An immediate popup

Traffic Sources

How are people finding your business online? You may be surprised when you look at your traffic sources to find channels you didn’t realize were out there.

Generating website traffic is typically the first step in a sales funnel. Afterall, your great pages can’t impress anyone if no one is seeing them.

Traffic acquisition reporting will show you traffic channels, such as:

  • Referral
  • Direct
  • Organic Search
  • Paid Ads
  • Social

You can drill down into who is referring traffic to your site to gain more insights.

For example, say you did a guest blog three months ago, but didn’t know whether or not it was worth it to do more. Looking at your traffic reports might show you that the blog is now generating 5,000 visitors a month to your site. Totally worth it!

Goal Conversions

Now, let’s get a little fancy with this next report by combining two important metrics – sales conversions and traffic source.

Google analytics has the ability to set up goal conversions for just about any activity you can think of. When a conversion happens, it triggers a count and you can dig deeper into the data, like what traffic source generated that new lead.

Being able to tie conversions to the source that brought you the conversion is incredibly helpful for planning your marketing focus based on what’s working and what’s not.

Some possible goal conversions you can set up include:

  • Website form submission
  • Chat session initiated
  • eBook or Brochure downloaded
  • Video played
  • Cart sale (you can even bring in the dollar amount)

Keywords Report

Conversion Graph

Keywords are the language of the internet and they’re what typically begin a journey to a website. Someone types in “red Adidas shoes” and then is given multiple webpage choices for that topic.

By knowing which keywords and key phrases are bringing people to your site, you can improve your SEO optimization. You can also add more content based upon what people are searching.

Keyword reporting will let you know what paid keywords in your ads are doing well and which keywords are driving organic traffic.

Audience Demographics

Companies in the Quad-Cities area can pay thousands of dollars for a consultant to help them identify their target audiences. Well, you can also look at them in your website analytics.

How better to gain audience insight than to see which groups your website is attracting? Perhaps you never knew your content was so popular with Australians or that most people view your site on an iPad.

Some of the insightful audience demographics you can view include:

  • Language
  • Country
  • City
  • Browser
  • Operating system (PC or Mobile)
  • Service Provider
  • Screen Resolution
  • Age and other demographic categories

Set Up a Website That Wins You More Sales!

Twin State Technical Services offers expert website hosting and design services. We can read the tea leaves of your analytics to make your site better.

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