When to post on Facebook

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ElegantThemes.com posted a helpful article filled with tips to improve the reach and reception of your Facebook posts.

Below are some of the keynotes, but check out the full article here.

1. Understand Your Audience and Know When They’re Most Engaged

If you have an established Facebook page, you can use Facebook Insights to analyze your existing user data.


2. Consider Your Audience’s Daily Routine

More than 41% of those users spend their lunch break on social media. In addition, 40% check their social media accounts periodically throughout the day.


3. Don’t Forget to Factor in Time Zones

When you’re tracking engagement times throughout each day and week, you’ll want to pay special attention to more modest but consistent spikes in engagement. Focusing exclusively on the times with the very highest interaction rates could result in missing out on key marketing opportunities.


4. Continue Improving Engagement by Monitoring Your Followers

Unfortunately, determining the best time to post on Facebook just once won’t be enough. A consistent process of re-evaluation is the only way to make sure your posts continue to reach the greatest number of users possible.



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