Where to Use Your Reviews on Your Website to Boost Sales Power

Reviews that you get from customers are a powerful selling tool. About 95% of people research reviews for a company before buying products or services. People want to know what they’re getting into before they purchase, and most will trust reviews as much as they do a personal recommendation from friends or family.

Many companies have their reviews out there on sites like Google and Yelp, but they don’t take advantage of their selling power nearly enough on their company website. So, they end up missing out on the persuasion power of reviews by not putting them in front of a lead at the right time. Learn how to setup Google My Business here.

There are multiple places you can use your reviews on your site to take advantage of their ability to garner trust and demand for your products and services.

Here are several ways you can incorporate them to improve sales conversions.

Sales Page

Website visitors that land on a product page with at least 1 review are 52.2% more likely to convert than when landing on a page with zero reviews.

Adding a review or two to your product or service pages help drive that final decision to purchase right when someone is ready and researching your offerings.

Use automation to generate reviews regularly, as this gives you a wider variety to choose from. If possible, use reviews on a product page that exactly match the product or service you’re offering. But even if you haven’t yet received a review for one particular offering, you can still add a more general review, such as one about your customer support.

Here is a sample of what Twin State Technical Service clients say.

Carousel on the Home Page

Reviews instantly add trust and give people a reason to explore your site further. The home page is one of the main pages that people enter through when visiting a company’s website, so grab them right away by including a reviews carousel or video.

This allows you to rotate several reviews in a small space, which makes it easier for the visitor to read through several in less than a minute and begin building that trust with your business.

Relevant Blog Posts

Sprinkle your reviews in on relevant blog posts to help drive home a point you’re making about a particular product or service. This is can often be a subtle way to sell your products and services without being “in your face” and allowing your blog article to stay more informative.

For example, if we were discussing the importance of customer service in a company, we might highlight a few of our own reviews for Twin State Technical Services.

You can see above how we used the words “review for” with our company name. Another way to get a review-related keyword in is to use “(company name) reviews.” This boosts your blog posts and other pages in the search rankings when people are looking up reviews for your company.

PPC Ad Landing Pages

If you run pay-per-click ads as part of a digital marketing campaign, then using reviews both in the text of your ads and on the landing page for the ad can improve your advertising ROI.

Use just a short snippet from the review in the text or headline of the ad itself. Then when people land on the page, include the full review somewhere at the top. This helps your ad relevancy score and better connects your ad to your page for visitors.

Ensure that the rest of the content on your page also speaks to what the ad was selling, as visitors dislike landing on a page that does not deliver on a PPC ad’s promise.

A “Reviews” Page (Great for SEO)

When people search out companies online to check them out before buying from them, they’re going to use certain keywords. These reviews-related keywords include things like:

  • (company name) review
  • (company name) reviews
  • Reviews for (company name)
  • (company name) bbb
  • (company name) complaints

You can help get your website on page one of a Google search for those keywords by creating a reviews page that lists all your reviews. You want to sprinkle in those keywords and include the source of the review. Such as “from Google” or “from Yelp.”

Consumers trust reviews from 3rd party sites more than they trust reviews on a company website. But if you include the source and provide a link, this can help you garner more trust while still including those reviews on your website for search optimization.

Having a page with all your reviews also makes it easy for those people that like to read multiple reviews before making a decision because they’re captured on a single page.

Is Your Website Fully Optimized for Digital Marketing?

Your website is a powerful marketing tool. Make sure to have a Conversion Rate Optimization strategy to drive sales. Twin State Technical Services can help your Quad Cities area business with website design, analytics, optimization, business insights, and integration with your digital marketing.

Contact us today for a consultation. Call 563-441-1504 or contact us online.


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