Wrapped Apps: The Most Cost-Effective Way to Make an App

People are increasingly accessing the internet through mobile devices rather than desktops. Microsoft estimates that smartphones and tablets are now the dominant productivity tool, with 80% of the workload on average being done through mobile.

In 2020, mobile devices accounted for 64% of all internet visits, and desktops accounted for just 36%, further illustrating the transition of ecommerce and internet searches to smaller screens.

Therefore, companies that want to reach new customers should think about the mobile experience first when designing an online presence.

Many websites still aren’t perfectly responsive, which leads to frustration and users leaving a site because it’s too hard to navigate on a small mobile screen. For the best experience, many companies are turning their websites into mobile apps.

Providing product and service information via a mobile app rather than just a website allows you to offer the best experience for every type of screen. Customized mobile apps for businesses offer several benefits, including:

  • Users don’t have to remember your website address.
  • Your company icon has a presence on the user’s device.
  • You can implement things like alerts or push notifications for orders or sales.
  • You enable a better experience for customers and potential customers.
  • People see free mobile apps as something of value.
  • Your company is seen as being digitally advanced.

How Does Wrapping Your Website to Make an App Work?

With website wrapping, your site is transitioned into a mobile application framework that is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It can be added to the app stores and easily downloaded via a link.

When using an app wrapper, your website content is basically the same. It’s the background architecture that changes. The user interface (UI) is updated to be mobile-friendly, and the website can be accessed through a mobile app and takes on several new capabilities because it is now essentially “living” inside a mobile device.

You can continue to push through updates as you add or change content to your site, just like nearly all app developers do regularly.

Here are some of the benefits and cost advantages of wrapping your website to create a mobile application.

You Don’t Have to Start an App from Scratch

A big benefit of using a web wrapper is that you’re not building a mobile application from the ground up. Thus, you don’t have to spend hours poring over apps designs and paying someone to build all that background architecture from scratch.

Your website is the base for the app, and it’s just put in a wrapper that converts it to a mobile application.

Content Is Already Done

Anyone who starts a new website or mobile app knows how much work is involved in creating the content. You must decide what pages to include in the navigation menu and have the text written and graphics created for those pages.

With website wrapping, all the content is already in place for your mobile app. You save a big chunk of work because you’re leveraging the content you already have.

The Turnaround Time is Much Faster Than Creating a New App

Designing a company app from scratch can take months of work through the design and testing processes. This can mean you’re waiting a year or so to benefit from all that time and money.

Website wrapping to a mobile app is a much faster process. Rather than months, it can take just a few weeks, meaning you can begin seeing a return in customer and lead interactions much sooner.

The Cost for Website to App is Much Less

With the additional time it takes to create a mobile app from scratch comes additional cost. If you have designers building something from nothing and have to pay a marketing consultant to help you put all the content together, you will pay a hefty price.

Website-to-app transition takes less time and effort and cost a lot less. This means you can realize a payback sooner and then continue experiencing an ongoing ROI.

Positions You for Advanced Digital Marketing

As we know, in today’s internet-driven world, digital marketing has replaced most forms of offline marketing. Marketing via mobile applications puts you on track to take advantage of advanced features, such as push notifications to mobile devices and direct connection to social media networks.

These advanced capabilities can put you ahead of your competition and help you continue driving new leads as consumer behaviors change to more mobile habits.

Find Out How Easy Website Wrapping Can Be

Twin State Technical Services can help your Quad Cities area business create an engaging mobile app based on your website.

Contact us today for a consultation. Call 563-441-1504 or contact us online.

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