Women’s History Month Recognition

Check this out, our leader, Beth Tinsman, was featured by the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce in honor of Women’s History Month in March 2022. The team at Twin State Tech is proud of her accomplishments and community involvement. Read more about this interview next.

“In honor of Women’s History Month, the Quad Cities Chamber reached out to Women Leaders to learn more about their story! Meet Beth Tinsman President of Twin State Technical Services!

When we asked Beth to tell us more about the history of her professional career she said “I discovered computer science and technology in college, and during my junior year worked at IBM as a college student. I went on to spend 12 years at IBM before starting a technology business in the Quad Cities, providing software development, infrastructure IT support, and web digital marketing services to our region’s organizations. I was the first employee, and now we have a group of 50 talented people contributing to the success of our Quad Cities business and nonprofit community.“

When asked to tell us her story as a Woman Business Leader, Beth said “I wanted to be able to provide great tech productivity engineering to enhance the competitiveness of the region’s small and medium-sized businesses. My first customers were Lee Enterprises and The Bartlett Agency. Brian Kardell and Tom Bracke trusted me to get the work they needed done and were terrific business mentors. That was followed with Caroline Ruhl at Ruhl and Ruhl and Bob Van Vooren at Lane and Waterman, who also served as role models for me. I’ve had only the best experience from top to bottom with the can-do attitude that exists here.”

When asked what Beth’s experience as a Woman Professional in the Quad Cities Beth said “Terrific. I’ve been mentored and been a mentor. This is a supportive and engaged community.”

When asked why Beth chose the Quad Cities she said “It’s a beautiful community with people who love the outdoors and the environment around us, filled with festivals and farming, manufacturing and music, and more.”

What does the future hold for Beth and Twin State? “Continued work in our community via technology as well contribute to our community in education for students, I’m an adjunct in computer science at St. Ambrose University and work with wonderful people at EICC and our area high schools. Working in partnerships and encouragement connecting others in getting businesses started and philanthropy efforts in our community is something I genuinely appreciate doing. There are so many avenues to provide stewardship and pay it forward.”

We asked Beth to share with us what advice she would give other Women Professionals and she said “Stay confident, putting forth your best effort and ideas; keep a great attitude; and make it a win-win for yourself and those around you. People love problem solvers, not problems, so be part of their solution. You don’t always come in first place, but get in the game and play every day and you’ll get results.”


Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce

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