AAA Rents


AAA Rents came to us with a break-fix problem. They weren’t previously our client, but when they were in need, they looked us up and we were there for them.

Unfortunately, this problem was a big one: their server was down. That may not sound too serious, but without a server, the business could not function beyond answering the phones.


Bring the customer back up as quickly as possible and minimize data loss.


We had one of our Network engineers on site within 30 minutes of receiving the first call, and found that the server was not recoverable.

Our engineer configured their server as a virtual machine on a spare server we sent with them. She also prevented any data loss. We coordinated efforts with their software vendor by configuring and purchasing a new server with preventative measures to avoid this situation in the future such as the ability to lose a single hard drive without data loss, 5-year, next day warranty, a new external drive for backups, and their server configured so it quickly be moved to a new machine in case of catastrophic failure.


On the first day, downtime was minimized to only a few hours. They now have a more resilient system in place to prevent data loss, downtime, and loss of productivity. Without these fixes the company would not have been able to continue business.