CommoditAg, an online business partnership of more than nine agricultural retailers offering first-rate farming products, had an array of requests when deciding to update its ecommerce site. The new site had to be responsive to the evolving needs of today’s farming community. CommoditAg wanted to continue to give its clients the same excellent buying experience and service that was expected: order and pay for products with a minimal number of clicks on the device of choice, including cell phones. The organization sought to eliminate extraneous phone calls and streamline order processing on its end. It also required the site be hosted by an enterprise class cloud provider.


Drawing on its expertise backed by generations of agricultural knowledge, CommoditAg asked us to create a new ecommerce site allowing customers to buy goods in an easy, uncomplicated way. Its team wanted us to set up a cloud provider, also asking for a clearly identified inventory and purchase options in a clean and simplified format. Last, CommoditAg asked us to utilize an ERP for automating services and support.


We worked closely with members of the CommoditAg team to ensure its vision of a customer-experience driven site was created, conferring on a regular basis for nearly a year. In partnership, we identified and addressed the current and future demands of 21st century farmers.


A very complex project, Twin State rolled out CommoditAg’s new ecommerce site in less than twelve months – on time and on budget. A streamlined ordering process on any device was now possible. With clear-cut, distinct features, clients can view and order inventory in an uncomplicated, straightforward way. Orders are taken via the site, resulting in a reduction of order processing costs and fewer phone calls. In addition, customers receive real-time feedback about inventory, product pick-up, and/or shipping options. With more than 30 warehouse locations across the Midwest, CommoditAg offers farmers close-to-home access for same-day pick up or delivery. Additionally, now CommoditAg is connected to Amazon Web Services, AWS, as its cloud provider, allowing for a scalable, stable, and future ready cloud infrastructure. Finally, Advance ERP integration provides seamless automation.

Bringing together the newest technology and ecommerce capabilities, CEO John Demerly noted, “CommoditAg’s team has generations of experience that farmers can trust as well as the operational ability to get critical products where and when farms need them.” Twin State is proud to meet CommoditAg’s paramount requirement of providing superior service to its customers.