Community Action of Eastern Iowa


Community Action of Eastern Iowa, otherwise known as CAEI, was using a number of systems to run their business: servers, websites, and job application systems. The problem was, these systems were outdated, and none of them were user-friendly. Their network was composed of multiple physical and virtual servers needlessly complicating day-to-day operations. They also had a self-hosted website with a difficult-to-use interface. There were old copies of productivity suites, unnecessary servers running on Windows and an old Novell operating system that was designed for very technical users. Not only did this make performing updates for CAEI very difficult, but it was also terribly expensive. They were paying double for having these two complicated operating systems. By switching everything over to a single Windows environment, they would be way more cost-efficient.

They were in desperate need of a total update throughout many aspects of their company, which made us a perfect fit to create a more user-friendly atmosphere both inside and outside of the building. When they called us, that single phone call allowed them to solve all of their problems. Our Networking, Software, and Web Design teams worked together to formulate a comprehensive plan of action.


Restructure Community Action’s IT infrastructure, slim their costs down, design a new and responsive website, and improve their ability to share documents.


Each of our departments played an integral role in determining and implementing solutions to CAEI's challenges. Read on to learn what each department brought to this project.


Due to the size of this project, the results have been contributed to their individual departments.