Crow Valley Cooperative


Five generations of McCarthy-Bush families have run Midwest companies that encompass a myriad of industries: construction, mining, aviation, and real estate development to name a few. Its newest project, the Crow Valley Cooperative, is a shared membership community with high-end homeownership without its burdens.

Amy Simler, Vice President of Strategic Markets, wanted a complex design for a vibrant website to showcase the Cooperative. To introduce this novel housing idea, Amy needed a website that could explain this new Cooperative concept. And she needed a fresh approach to sell the homes – groundbreaking was still 16 months away and there was no physical building. She turned to TSTS to meet this digital marketing need.

Even though the depth and span of this venture were great, having partnered with TSTS on past engagements, Amy knew she could trust us to bring the development to fruition.


The multiple requests Amy had for the new website included:

  • A platform that would make a dynamic virtual tour not just stand out but be an experience unto itself.
  • Quick launch of the website: time was a great factor and a two- to three-month turnaround was requested.
  • Ability to showcase the numerous and various floor plans available, allowing the clients to literally walk from room to room.
  • Real-time display of unit availability.
  • Branding that was complementary to the McCarthy-Bush family brand and match the other seven current sites.
  • A contact form for inquiries.
  • An appealing blog format.


When it came to establishing the Crow Valley website, Amy said of contacting TSTS, “It was a no brainer.” We had already established a “master website” for the McCarthy-Bush Corporation and could create an original one that complemented their current branding.

Our team worked with Amy and her colleagues to ensure all the requirements were fulfilled. Even though some of the needs were quite complicated, Amy said TSTS “always came back with a way to make it happen.” When the McCarthy-Bush staff needed assistance or training, we provided it or quickly performed the task for them.

Meeting the three-month timeframe was a feat. “This was a complex project with tricky timelines…but they listened to what we wanted and made it work.”


Amy was more than pleased with the result of the project: “TSTS did an awesome job. Communication was perfect. They understand who we are. They have the reach and professionalism we were looking for.”

And Amy valued the consistency of the team: “I liked that they kept the same team members throughout the project. We weren’t bounced around from person to person,” Amy said.

The Crow Valley Cooperative website is still progressing, with another dynamic phase already planned.  Wherever the Cooperative goes next, TSTS plans to walk with them!