JMC Student Registration


Assumption High School came to the conclusion that they were done handing out 13 registration forms to each of their students, then turning around and manually typing up each and every form, every single year. Not only was it a pain for parents to fill out the same redundant information each year, but it would also consume too much of the schools time, roughly 113 hours a year just to manually enter the information from the 5,889 forms collected into their computer system. After Assumption hit their breaking point, they said enough was enough and gave us a call.


Build a program that would simplify registering for school for both parents and administration.


The progress made towards achieving Assumption High School's objectives can be broken down into four steps: Concept & Planning, Determining the Look, Priority Features, and Secondary Features.


Once the new school year was up and running, Twin State caught up with Assumption’s administrative assistant to see how the registration process went with their new software plug-in. She said that if other schools were, also, still doing handwritten applications, she would definitely recommend the JMC integrated application. Now that the system is up and running the school will not have to waste about 6,000 paper forms each year, but also won’t have to spend so many hours tediously entering in forms.

Assumption feels like the system was not hard to transition into at all; there were no complaints or confused parents. The 2016-2017 registration process was a breeze to get through. In the years to come, registration will continue with ease.

2016-2017 School Year

JMC Integrated Application

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