Storage Hub


Mark Hemphill has worked as the property manager at Storage Hub in Rock Island, IL, for several years. In 2017, the storage facility set up a cloud-based network set up by a local tech company. In early February, 2020, about 9:30 a.m., office manager Rose Kutzman discovered they had no internet connection – which meant she couldn’t access their billing system, manage their site, retrieve information on their storage units’ availability, etc. A little later, they discovered the phones were also down.


Get Storage Hub running was the key goal. Mark and Rose were not able to resolve the issues on their own, or with several calls to their local internet provider. Even refers to yet another vendor did not bring their business back to life. Mark had worked with Micah Mosher on a past project and gave him a call. Micah guaranteed someone would be on site - immediately.


“Well, it was like, ‘Ride to the rescue!’” Within 30 minutes, our network engineer, Katie McManus, had talked to Mark and was on her way to Rock Island.

Katie quickly assessed the situation and set about resolving the issues. “Katie literally brought the equipment down, and then in unison, had it all back up and running… While I didn’t meet Katie personally, Rose was singing her praises, said she was fantastic and great at everything!” After getting the equipment back online, Katie also contacted the internet carrier who resolved their phone issues.


“The bottom line is – the customer service experience couldn’t have been better. I always think we are quick to point out the negative when we should be quick to voice the positive. This praise is well deserved. Twin State’s responsiveness exceeded expectations," Mark said.