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As your operations - payroll, invoicing, content and data management, etc. - have moved online, so has criminal activity. With seemingly countless opportunities for black hat hackers and other cybercriminals to get in, a cybersecurity plan is nonnegotiable. The cost of not doing so is phenomenally high and not always recoverable. Not only do you risk losing customers and damaging your reputation, but the cost per captured record was estimated at $150 or an average of $3.92 million per data breach in 2019. 

Think of your cybersecurity plan similarly to your strategy for fire prevention. You’ve taken cautions such as occupying a building that meets fire code, developing protocols for combustible materials and so on but you’ve also installed fire alarms, sprinklers and fire extinguishers. The health of your network is dependent upon you being prepared for anything and everything, which means a stealthy cybersecurity plan that includes both prevention and treatment. Here’s how.

User Awareness & Phishing Training

Empower your staff with phishing awareness training to boost their confidence when handling suspicious emails. IT security tools are essential to reduce your risk, but user awareness should be one of those tools as phishing campaigns are typically the first point of entry and the low-hanging fruit. 

Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA uses two or more identifying factors to prevent access to your network. Passwords, external multi-factor authentication devices (such as your YubiKey) and fingerprint scans are most common. Keep your remote network access, privileged admin access, remote email access and access to apps containing sensitive or missing critical information under MFA lock and key. 

Password Management & Policies

Make it your business to manage passwords at your company. The National Institute for Standards in Technology (NIST) best practices are: 12-15 characters (min.), phrases, special characters not required, infrequent resets (annually), monitoring employee passwords on the dark web and using multi-factor authentication along with a password manager.

Vulnerability Management

Being aware of what’s on your network so that you can discover any “known” vulnerabilities is essential to reducing cybersecurity attacks. As you manage these threats, it’s helpful to categorize them into critical, high, medium and low priority before patching them. Don’t forget to keep your infrastructure up to date as part of your vulnerability management plan.

Cyber Insurance

The cyber liability insurance providers are making a list. They are checking for MFA measures, which could prevent 99.9% of cyber crimes (to boot, 94% of ransomware victims didn’t use MFA). Once your data is breached, criminals will often resell it many times over, so yes get the insurance (and meet all of their security-based requirements) but do NOT skip the MFA. 

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) w/ Antivirus

EDR with advanced AI allows you to actively monitor, log and identify active threats. You can monitor it in-house or upgrade and use our managed service. Other upgrade solutions include Defender and XDR for an additional layer of security for your cloud data. Don’t let your business go without Endpoint Detection and Response with antivirus capabilities!

Disaster Recovery Planning

Identify the mission-critical components of your system after assigning a team to own and execute your disaster recovery plan. Have a data backup solution that securely stores your data and allows quick recovery, then develop a recovery plan for both mission and non-mission critical components. Communicate and process via a communication plan that includes senior leaders, finance, HR, IT, board of directors, cyber insurance provider, staff and customers. Walk through your plan at least once per year and ensure that your backups are restorable, validate that your backup scope includes all important data and systems, and document your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

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