Cyber Security

Hackers are becoming better at accessing your data. The recent rise of ransomware means hackers now make you pay to get back access to your own data!

Our security networkers perform two key roles to keep your data secure. First, they ensure appropriate security measures are in place for any of our clients’ systems—from servers and websites to individual workstations and mobile devices. This includes any hardware, software, or human factors that may pose a security risk to your company.

Second, we audit systems to test their strength, regardless of whether we had a hand in their development. As a security auditor, we give businesses with their own IT staff an outside perspective without ever having to leave the Quad Cities.

Vulnerability Scanning

How well-protected is your network? We perform both external and internal vulnerability assessments to simulate different kinds of attacks. We will locate weaknesses and recommend next steps to minimize risk.

Password Auditing

Password audits help us quickly locate and address any weak or reused passwords that may be used to gain access to sensitive files. We can help you identify and make any changes necessary, from implementing lockout policies to helping your company transition to a password management system.

Phishing Tests & Social Engineering

Hackers and other bad actors increasingly use our social networks against us. This can range anywhere from posing as friends, relatives, or business associates to trick us into opening a file or link.

We simulate these kinds of sneaky attacks and help educate your staff. This way when something makes it past your spam filter, your staff will have an idea of what to look for.

Security Controls

Does your organization have the policies and procedures in place to provide a protocol that ensures protection of data? We will audit, assess, and/or create any documents necessary to protect your devices, networks, and physical environment.

Wireless Audits

Is your WAN properly DMZed? If not, your WiFi network is missing an important layer of protection.

If you aren’t sure, give us a call. We’ll make certain you’re using the right security protocols and following best practices to make sure your WiFi network is reliable and secure.

We can show you how to implement these controls and perform the required annual audits to validate compliance.