Shared Data Services

A shared data center—called colocation services or “colo”—offers many benefits, including the ability to cost effectively expand your data storage as your business grows and to maintain a backup of your essential data.

A colo facility provides space for your servers and storage devices in a temperature-controlled environment with 24/7 physical security. They also provide redundant systems to keep your data accessible in case of power failure or loss of network connection.

We provide custom colocation services to clients who want to maintain off-site services here in the Quad Cities. Maintaining a local backup of your essential data means that we can restore your business in hours instead of days.

Our colocation services extend beyond backups. Your industry may have strict requirements about data storage and transfer, and we’re able to meet the needs of highly regulated fields including law, finance, healthcare, and others at our colocation center. Some of our clients use a colocated server to host their e-mail or web servers, freeing on-site bandwidth for the rest of their network.