Kumar Earns his Masters in Information Technology Management

Congrats Kumar! Congratulations to our software engineer, Kumar Chittimalla, for earning a Masters degree in Information Technology Management from St. Ambrose University! St. Ambrose has a strong graduate and undergraduate Computer Science Department, and we have a strong SAU Twin State alumni network! We are proud to now have Kumar as a full time team member.…

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Cyber Security Tips

There has been a tremendous uptick in cyber attacks this year. We are getting at least a call per week, sometimes a couple a week, on significantly compromised businesses calling for help. The following are some common factors that we see in these cases and some tips to help improve you cyber security. Common Factors…

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CornCon 2018

  At this year’s CornCon cybersecurity conference ( we learned about several USB devices an intruder could use to break into or even destroy a computer. The USB Killer ( is a device that draws power from a USB port to charge up capacitors and then dump hundreds of volts back into the machine over…

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