Hardware Investment Strategies: Optimizing Technology Infrastructure

Hopefully, you aren’t using your Mac Plus to run your accounting software. Having the right tool for the job is always important. If your employees are using the wrong or outdated tech tools for the job, work becomes an inefficient and expensive chore. Employees are 26% less productive working on computers that are 5+ years old, and…

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Event: When a Mobile App is a Good Idea

Do you have a business solution, competitive advantage, or a great idea that you think: “this could be solved with a mobile app!” During this education session, you will understand what options available, typical implementation costs, and when and why an app is or is not a good investment. Register Here! This event is Free!…

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How to Prevent Your Company from Being Hacked

Hacking is the new form of a “break in” in the digital age. Instead of paper files locked in cabinets, today’s businesses have digital files stored on premise or in the cloud, which are prime targets for hackers.

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