We are now officially a Google Partner!

We earned the badge! Yes, the Google Partner badge and we are pretty excited! This badge represents that we are now officially a Google Partner. Our online marketing services are trusted by Google because we excel with Google products, including AdWords. Our team is constantly adopting the newest tools and technologies, and we’re innovating and…

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Crypto-type Virus Alert

Recently, we’ve heard reports that some clients have received emails which contain a very bad virus (a Crypto-type Virus, destroying data access). If you didn’t get our email, here’s what you should be on the lookout for. This email comes disguised most commonly as a resume or a scanned file and may have an attachment that has some…

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Phishing Scams Use Your Social Network Against You

Be on the lookout for some new, email-based attacks spammers are using to infect people’s machines with malware. Spear phishing targets companies and individuals directly by sending email that looks like it comes from a coworker or friend but uses a different email address. It’s much harder to spot than your run-of-the-mill fake dating site/drug…

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