Liqui-Grow had several different DOS-based green screen systems they used for payroll, inventory, returns, and billing; all of which that did not ‘talk’ with one another. This was a problem because the corporate office had no control over the 17 location’s files. All the information was stored on each individual location’s server but not synced to the corporate office. This also made life more complicated when trying to bill customers and figure out inventory. This lead into the other major problem the system was flooded with the opportunity of human error, which was a constant factor. They didn’t have editing options, no controls and the system was fraught with mistakes. Since there are 17 locations with all different data, corporate hired about 10 employees just to go through the flash drives and spreadsheets of data and fix the errors and correct all the reports. This was thousands of hours of overtime.


To cut down on time, cost, and make a more efficient work environment.




Our programmer came in to work with Liqui-Grow to create a standard for the reports. He made a program that sync all the location’s information into a database from each of their servers. This program was to ensure correct inventory in real time and configure everything upfront. It took longer to create but now everything is in uniform with no errors.


When the inventory is correct along with the return of fertilizer not used, billing was accurate. They were able to bill the client on what was actually used, not what they thought they used. The system created a way for all human error to be gone, cut overhead, created efficiency, and streamlined the process for inventory. Now that that system is all communicating together, you can get so much more useful information right away. At worse, the inventory would take a day to receive; before it could take weeks. Just by not having to continuously hire new people to do tedious tasks of reviewing spreadsheets all day, they have saved roughly over $300,000.00.