We build what you envision

Have an idea for software that would increase yours or your client’s productivity? Think it can help others in your industry?
We have experienced software developers on staff that can not only build what you imagine, but can integrate it with other existing software you may have.

What we have for you

Our products range from mobile apps to programs that can be integrated into your business. And, of course, all of our products are designed and developed at our Quad City office.


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Virtual Police Academy iOS app icon

 Training Flashcards

Virtual Police Academy

Train your employees or students using our state-of-the-art electronic flashcards.

Benefits of using this app

  • App is based on a learning technique called “spaced repetition” that increases retention by 67%.
  • You can practice anytime: app can be used on smartphones, tablets, or PCs.
  • App is customizable, can create new categories, and includes progress-tracking functions.
  • You provide the content; we provide finished product.
Video Armor iOS app icon

Body-Worn Camera

Video Armor

A body-worn video camera developed to be used by police, law enforcement, and security teams. Available for both iOS and Android.

Learn more at our app’s official site:

EZ Enroll

JMC Student Registration

EZ Enroll

An online registration application that reduces time and improves user satisfaction through the JMC system.

JMC has already helped Quad City schools. Find out how it can help yours on its case study.

SDS Keep

Safety Data Sheets Repository

SDS Keep is a customizable and simplified document management system to securely digitize and manage all of your SDS binders. We’ve simplified the SDS Document Management Solution to give your company the ability to manage all of the chemicals in each location you maintain. Digitize your binders to save time and space. Duplicate this year’s binder for next year with ‘Document Carryover’. Simply modify your SDS binder by adding and removing the few that are needed and next year’s binder is ready just like that.


CRM Solution


We are now a certified Salesforce Partner! With this software we can help you implement a custom CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software tailored to your business' needs, as well as be your direct support. To learn more about how Salesforce can benefit you, visit our Salesforce page or contact us.


This could be your app!

This could be your app!

Have an idea for your own mobile app? Tell us about it. We’d love to help you bring it to life!