Our programmers routinely design, maintain, and upgrade databases for our clients.

Database Design and Administration

When developing or extending databases for our clients, we take time to ensure we both meet your existing needs and anticipate the ways you’ll grow over time. By doing so, we design systems that remain flexible while maintaining high standards for security, performance, and organization.


If your database is not performing as expected, we can audit your database structure, resource allocation, and other factors that may be contributing to the issues you’re experiencing. We can also perform security audits to ensure your database is set up according to best practices, including assessing external threats and ensuring your backup procedures are functional. If you aren’t sure whether you need to upgrade or extend your database, we can help with that too.

Access Migration and other Upgrades

Microsoft Access has its role, but as a consumer-level software package it may not be fully-featured enough for your organization. If you have an Access database that you would like to upgrade or extend, we can migrate your data to Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, or another platform that meets your needs.